Casa Azalea- Full Renovation


Garden 1
Garden 2
Raised Roof Entrance
Construction Process Photo
Front Porch
Framing- Raw Kitchen
Framing- Raw Living Room
Rear Deck Design Idea
Drywall Installation Begins
Drywall Installation
Hardwood Floors and Spot Lights
Hardwood Floors
Concrete Kitchen Tiles
Kitchen Installation
Concrete Style Quartz Countertops
Industrial Style Faucets
Kitchen Accessories
Fireplace Tile Installation
Moroccan Tile Laundry Room
Powder Room Feature Wall
Shower Tiles and Feature Wall
Frameless Shower Door
More Shower Doors
Master Bathroom Tile Installation
Brass Details
Mosaic Shower Floor
Brass Fixtures
Master Bathroom
Light Fixture Installation 1
Light Fixture Installation 2

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